The Monkey Men

Feed the animals.

The Monkey Men make your body shake. Full of energy with original songs, they take the rawness of 1940s and 50s jive, jump blues and rock n roll to bring a smile to your face and rattle your cage.


The Monkey Men will shake your body to a fever. With their energetic 1940s and 50s rock n roll and jive, they'll always bring a smile to your face and leave you wanting more.

The 8 piece set up with horn section and killer voice from Julien Chetcuti can really break the groove that will get your feet tapping profusely. Heavily influenced by Louis Prima and Wynonie Harris their repertoire cuts in and out of swing, jive, rock n roll, blues and surf.

Started by British double bassist David Reeson, this international band come from 5 countries. They are based in Barcelona and have exploded onto the music scene. Their live mix of raw energy have catapulted them by fans who cannot stop their hips gyrating.

They play their own original material and a mix of covers, which means there’s something for everyone. The Monkey Men are extremely hairy as you would expect, love bananas and spend most of their time rattling the cage.

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